Ryan Andrew Stream is a highly esteemed motivational speaker, Musician, American Soldier and Instructor with a heart that pumps passion and positive change.

His message is simple "You are the author of your story" Only you have the ability within yourself to take control of your circumstances and change your life.

As a motivational Speaker, Ryan has traveled to various areas in and out of the state of Utah speaking and playing the music he has composed. Ryan has performed at dozens of school districts, Universities,  Youth and Adult Correctional  faciltities including both Utah State Prisons/. He has been booked for State conferences and banquets along with church firesides and youth conferences.  Ryan has also  had  the privilege too opening for Alex Boye, Van Lady Love, and Sean Whalen.   He was also featured in The  Magazines, Local news stations, News papers and on radio talk shows.  He was able to sign a music contract with BMI out of LA, California! His music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

His topics include various challenges of life before and after being adopted, sleeping in a homeless shelter with his 3 brothers and living in and out of foster homes. 


He struggled with alcohol abuse and drug addictions, Stemming from poor choices being made during his youth, having to pay outstanding court fines, and serving time in jail multiple times. 

Joining the military was the best decision of his life. He is currently a Sgt with the 624th Engineer Company and has deployed to Afghanistan with them, as well as the 118th Sapper company. Their mission was to find bombs placed in the road and to clean the route before any convoys could pass.  23  out of 32 of the soldiers he was with was blown up by an I.E.D,  Ryan, was diagnosed with PTSD,  two mild traumatic brain injuries, and hearing loss. Ryan, uses his experience from the military which helped teach discipline, mental, and physical strength, team work, pride, and appreciation of our country, the rigors and joy of serving someone other than himself. 


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Musician: Ryan Andrew Stream 

Leadership Academy : 2016

Booking Inquiries: Ryan2_stream@yahoo.com